5 Ways To Make Your Internet Run Faster

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5 Ways To Make Your Internet Run Faster

Can you live a day without the internet?


Funnily, most people would say no. (Me too in that number).


We live in an age where it’s nearly impossible to go a day without having interaction with the internet. Just like electricity, we’re too used to it to actually notice how much of a staple it is in our lives.


We have our social media accounts to check, our emails to read and reply, our videos to watch, our friends to chat with, our favorite videogames to play and so much more.


Not to mention that many businesses won’t even be able to operate without the worldwide web.


The internet is amazing, it’s innovative and life-changing and all, but what if it’s slow? Extremely slow?


You know, the type of connection that makes you angry. The type of connection that won’t let you load that video or reply to a message you’ve already opened?


The annoying type of connection.


Today I’m going to talk about 5 ways to make sure your internet is always on point.


1. Turn Off The Internet-Connected Devices That You Aren’t Using


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Although this might seem incredibly obvious, it’s amazing how many people are dismissing the fact that their phone, for example, isn’t eating up their bandwidth just because it’s locked and its screen is off.


If you’re one of those people, you’re in for a shocker.


Two internet-connected devices that aren’t being used are draining almost as much internet as a device that’s actively browsing and/or using the network.


Even more so if the unused devices have heavy apps running in the background, biting that tasty bandwidth.


Do yourself a favor.


Increase your internet speed by disconnecting all your unused devices. You’ll see the difference immediately.


2. Reposition Your Router


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You want a great Wi-Fi connection, don’t you?


The location of your router is incredibly important when it comes to network signals. Wireless routers send out their signals in all directions, those signals have incredibly high frequencies but are very short-ranged.


This means that even if you’re in the next room, you might not be able to receive a good Wi-Fi connection.


Other factors are the objects and materials in your home, blocking the network signal. Objects and materials such as walls, doors, household appliances, metals, etc.


If you can’t move your router in the room you mostly use the Wi-Fi, try to, at least, move the objects in its path away.


3. Use Your Ethernet Cable


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The godfather of the good internet connection.


Wi-Fi might be convenient, could be all over the place and could be used by many devices at the same time, but at times it can be really unreliable and slow, due to interruptions with other signals or physical matters.


The wired connection that the Ethernet cable provides, is and will always be much faster and reliable than what your Wi-Fi could offer.


If you’re having lag issues on your PC or Laptop and they are nearby your router, you can easily plug them directly into the router to receive the best signal you can get.


4. Mind The Cap


You know that most internet providers have data capacity on their internet plans, right?


If you happen to go over that limit, your bandwidth drops down a grade and your internet becomes incredibly slow.


A thing you must do is to get to know your capacity, you need to read through your bill carefully or you simply have to ask your provider about your cap.


This happened to me about 3 years ago, when I was using my phone’s broadband connection and about two weeks into the month, my internet drastically went slower, no warning, no nothing.


So I called my provider and I asked what is that all about. They explained that I have reached my capacity, at the time I didn’t even know there is such a thing.


It really pays to pay attention to those numbers. You should know if you have 1 gigabyte or 10 gigabytes, that way you can plan our if that’s going to be enough for you and whether you need a more extensive internet plan.


5. Get A Wi-Fi Booster


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If you’re struggling with slow Wi-Fi that doesn’t get across from room to room, then a Wi-Fi booster(also known as a repeater) is the perfect buy for you. (Check the Trifiboost and Victony Repeater reviews.)

What those little devices do is re-broadcast or repeat your Wi-Fi signal from a different spot. So if you have a Wi-Fi router in room 1 and a repeater in room 2, you’ll essentially get the same internet connection in both rooms.


The boosters connect with a cable or Wi-Fi. I’d recommend getting one with a cable because that way it won’t interfere with anything and it’ll provide the fastest connection to the booster.


Although it might get annoying to stretch another cord in the room, a decent repeater with a cable is a great way of making sure your Wi-Fi will be always on point.

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