OptiCover WiFi Extender Review

OptiCover WiFi Extender Review

OptiCover’s Wi-Fi extender has an incredibly fashionable look and it does have some unique features.


Features that caught my attention.


But is it a match for the Trifiboost?


Let’s have a closer look so we could get a feel of what the OptiCover does and what are the pros and cons of it.


Are the stylish looks the best quality of the device?

OptiCover Wi-Fi Extender Features and Specs

– Extends Wi-Fi to smart devices
– Repeater, Router, and AP modes
– LED signal strength indicator
– Compatible with any router or access point
– Dimensions: 4.4” x 4” x 2.1”
– Weight: 5.6 ounces

My OptiCover WiFi Extender Review

As I stated in the beginning, the most noticeable part about this particular WiFi extender is its extremely fashionable design – it’s compact and it’s sleek.


However, it’s still not as discreet as it promises to be, as it has two antennas that stick right out of the top.


But that aside, most people who walk into your house won’t even notice it.


There is one feature that OptiCover claims it’s unique for their extender.


That is the ability to extend Wi-Fi connection to devices such as Alexa, Smart TVs, PlayStation and more.


This might sound great and all, but any other extender can do the same thing. Extenders don’t really discriminate between different types of devices.


OptiCover’s extender still does what it’s supposed to do: it does increase your Wi-Fi coverage range.


It is extremely easy to operate as well, once the device is set up, you can just press the WPS button to expand the range.


There is also an option that will allow you to choose your preferred method of encryption. For safety

This device offers three options: AP mode, Router Mode and Repeater Mode.


The AP mode is mostly used for covering wired networks to wireless and the router mode is used for creating a private wireless network, allowing multiple devices to hop onto it.


Like other extenders, this particular model has two ports: LAN and WLAN/LAN. That way you can hook up wired devices to the extender.


It also has the now-popular LED signal indicator, which allows you to choose the optimal spot for the strongest signal. With such a feature, you don’t have to go through all the trial and error in order to get
the strongest signal.

What We Liked About OptiCover’s Wi-Fi Extender
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Let’s go back for a second.


I want to talk about the extender’s feature of being able to be used with various smart devices like Alexa, Smart TVs, etc.


Many people consider this a feature, although the other extenders can also do that.


We’re going to call it a benefit, nonetheless. Not because it’s great, unique and innovative, but because not ALL other extenders have it. Most of them do, but not ALL.


Many people use the OptiCover’s Wi-Fi Extender to really strengthen their signal and increase its range.


It works well for them.


What I really liked about the extender was the detailed instructions for the setup. Everything was written down in easy-to-follow steps that got the device running in less than 10 minutes for me.


This device really does strengthen the signal, but it doesn’t increase the range as much as other extenders.


So Wi-Fi is stronger, faster and more reliable, but some of the dead zones still remain.


That might be fixed by buying an extra extender, which is a huge deal-breaker for many people.

What We Didn’t Like About OptiCover’s Wi-Fi Extender

The extender is amazing, it does what it does and it does it well. But it’s far from perfect.


For some people the device works incredibly well – it gives them constant coverage, stronger signals and they can connect to the network from further away.


But others claim that OptiCover’s Wi-Fi Extender is faulty and unreliable. They say that the signal drops out at least once an hour and the range of the signal isn’t spreading as far as it’s supposed to.


I don’t know about you, but I prefer a solid and consistent network connection.


What’s the point of even having a booster if it’s going to be unreliable.


Bottom line?


The extender can do an incredibly good job, but it can really be finicky.

The Final Verdict - Rating: 88/100

The extender does its job well enough to receive such a rating.


It’s easy to set up.


Its design is fashionable and cool.


It offers browser configuration and it can extend the Wi-Fi network to smart devices.




It only has two antennas, limiting its capabilities, it doesn’t have the option for dual-band mode and for many people it proves to be inconsistent and unreliable.


It could be just the people who couldn’t set up the device correctly.


At the end of the day, OptiCover’s Wi-Fi Extender is a great device, but it still falls short in comparison to the Trifiboost.

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