Range XTD: Is This The Most Amazing Extender?

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Range XTD: Is This The Most Amazing Extender?

Having a bad Wi-Fi signal around your house?


You have the perfect internet speed when you’re in your living room but when you’re trying to browse from your bedroom, your signal is not there?


You have dead zones.


Dead zones are the result of your Wi-Fi signal not being able to spread throughout your house, either because there are objects and materials that are blocking off the signal, either your house is too big or you’re living in too crowded of an area and everybody is using the 2.4Ghz channel.


That’s why you need a Wi-Fi booster. That’s why, in my opinion, they’re an absolute staple when it comes to the internet at home.

Range XTD Features and Specs
  • Two Antennas
  • Wireless speed up to 300mbps
  •  Supports WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK encryptions
  • 1 WAN/LAN port and 1 LAN port
  • WPS Button
  • Signal Indicator LED
  • Easy Controls
  • Wizard Setup
My Range XTD Review

Almost all the reviews I read about Range XTD were positive.


And it’s easy to see why.


The Range XTD Wi-Fi extender is an amazing device, it’s beautiful, it performs on an incredibly high level and even if you’ve never even used an extender before, you’ll find yourself setting this one up with ease.

range xtd,range xtd router,range xtd reviews,range xtd price,range xtd for sale
Stylish, Optimal Design

Range XTD has two antennas that will ensure an incredible signal all over your house, completely eliminating the pesky dead zones.


For extra safety, Range XTD has support for both WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryptions, helping you keep  internet the leeches off your network.


It essentially is a plug-and-play device.


The extender also has two ports, allowing you to connect a cord if you don’t prefer wireless internet boosting:


– 1 LAN port
– 1 WAN/LAN port


It also has power On/Off switch on the front.

How To Optimally Set Up Your Range XTD

One of the features I really loved about the Range XTD is the signal indicator.


Setting up your device optimally might sound intimidating at first, knowing you have to go through loads of trial and error, trying to find the optimal placement of the extender.


But not in Range XTD’s case, the signal indicator simply shows you if the placement is going to be good or not.


Back in the day, I have used many extenders and boosters that don’t have an indicator, making me go around the house, trying to see whether the location of the extender is good or bad.

Simple Installation

Installation. That’s the scary part for most people like me.


People who are anything but tech-savvy.


The installation for Range XTD is different – it has a wizard for quick and easy setup, making your installation process easier than a walk in the park.

What’s Good About Range XTD

The easy setup and the installation are what truly made this device user-friendly.


You simply plug it, turn it on, and use the wizard to set everything up. Then, of course, you have the LED signal indicator that is going to let you know if the spot you have chosen is good or bad.


As we said above, it helps you save time – you don’t want to spend 3 hours going around the house, trying to find the perfect spot.

Why Range XTD Gets You Better Coverage

The two antennas it has really work hard to get your signal throughout your whole house or apartment.


They are both adjustable, so you can point them to the direction of the room or the dead zone in which you get the weakest signal.



Range XTD supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is an amazing number for any extender, no matter the price.


What I really like about this extender is its size, it’s pretty small and compact. I have had it plugged in my living room for more than 4 months now and nobody has seen it or bothered asking me questions.


Did I mention how good the encryption WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK is? And how virtually nobody can crack it and start freeloading off your Wi-Fi?





About Those Dead Zones

Range XTD will essentially fill your dead zones with good signal and allow you to browse the internet without the buffering struggles you’ve had until now.


But there is something you need to know – it won’t automatically boost your speed up to 300Mbps.


That can be a bit misleading.


But if your internet service provider doesn’t offer up to 300Mbps connection, don’t expect to get such speed just because you’re using a great extender.

What Could Be Improved

Range XTD has been one of the greatest extenders I have ever had the pleasure to put my hands on.


However, it too has a bit of inconvenience packing.


The only inconvenience I had with my Range XTD experience was the fact that the shipping took quite longer than expected.


Although it was worth every second, the manufacturers should be doing everything they can so such delays don’t happen.

  • Compact And Easy Set Up For Travel
  • Extends Range Of The Router
  • Two Antennas With Speed Of Up To 300Mbps
  • Might be slow to connect if not set up near router
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Range XTD really work?


It definitely does! It’s perfect for homes that have dead zones as it extends your existing signal coverage and it increases your internet speed.



It is amazing for big houses that have multiple floors or for homes that have many rooms.


It is a device that helps you save money off your cable bill every month.


How Does Range XTD Work?


Range XTD works by using your existing connection, re-broadcasting it once more, so you have Wi-Fi in the desired spot you’d like.


Think of it as a dark room. You have a light bulb in the middle, but around the corners, it’s still dark because the bulb in the middle can’t shed light on them


The extender is an extra bulb you put somewhere in the room, that helps the light travel further.


Is Range XTD A Scam?


Many people might be wondering whether this device is a scam or not, simply because it provides too much value for the price it holds.


But no, it is not a scam. I, myself, have used it for long enough to assure you that it really does what it promises.


Is There A Money Back Guarantee?


Yes! If for some reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return it in a 30-day period and get your money back! Hassle-free!

My Final Verdict - Rating: 97/100

This extender can make most of the extenders I have reviewed completely obsolete.


This one has it all!


Yes, shipping might take a bit longer than expected, but it’s worth the wait!


This plug-and-play booster is what the future looks like. Get one today and say goodbye to having


internet speed problems and dead zones.


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