Super Boost Wi-Fi Review: The Best Range Booster of 2020?

Super Boost Wi-Fi Review: The Best Range Booster of 2020?

A faster internet connection AND a better range?


Who could say no to that?


At least I can’t.


Everybody would like to improve their internet connection at home. Nobody is happy when his internet dies or when he goes back to his bedroom and the Wi-Fi signal is terrible.


Then boosters hit the market and people have found them pretty useful.


But do all the boosters do a great job?


Are they all worth it?


After reading dozens and dozens of reviews about the Super Boost Wi-Fi and buying it for myself, I was stunned.


This might be the best booster I have ever had my hands on!


I think you’ll also be surprised by these results, let’s dive in!

Super Boost Wi-Fi Features and Specs
  • Incredibly easy plug-and-play setup
  • Comfortable, compact design
  • Speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • WPS for better connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
My Super Boost Wi-Fi Review
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Unlike many other repeaters and boosters I have reviewed in the past, the Super Boost Wi-Fi boasts with an easy setup. It’s literally plug-and-play.


Some repeaters could be incredibly tough to install. Once I spent a whole Saturday afternoon trying to configure a booster, which turned out to be a bad one.


But this is not the case here.


The Super Boost Wi-Fi is installed in a few easy steps:
– Plug it in an outlet

– Go grab yourself a smartphone or a laptop and search for “Wi-Fi Repeater” in the Wi-Fi networks
– Click on the network and press “connect”
– Enter the following address into your browser address bar:
– Write “admin” for both the username and the password
– Select the “repeater” button
– Select your home’s Wi-Fi Network
– Enter your home’s Wi-Fi password
– Select Apply


Now that you have set it up, you can simply pick up your laptop or a smartphone and look for a network that ends in “_Ext”, meaning it’s the extender’s network.
You’ll notice that there is a WPS button on the extender that will allow you to connect much faster if your router is compatible.


When you’re using the extender indoors, you’ll be able to extend your signal by up to 100 meters.


This, however, is highly dependent on the objects blocking its way – walls, doors, windows, and home appliances.

Now you might be guessing that if you’re broadcasting the signal outside of your house should go even further.


And you’ll be right.


The extension outdoors is even longer, it can go up to 300m in optimal conditions.
The maximum WLAN security is accessible through WPA, WPA2, and WEP encryptions, but this, however, is not recommended. If you’re doing everything right, nobody will be hacking into your Wi-Fi.



Super Boost Wi-Fi is the future when it comes to signal expansion.


This device simply eliminates the competition. You can connect up to 10 devices under one roof and you’ll still be enjoying a decent internet speed.


Expand your signal throughout your whole house or apartment and say goodbye to having dead zones!

What I Liked About Super Boost Wi-Fi
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As I said earlier, Super Boost is perhaps the most sophisticated extender I have ever had my hands  on.


It’s simply amazing – its setup is so simple, that it would be a walk in the park, even if you’re picking up an extender for the first time.


The coverage is close to none, I have eliminated all the dead zones in my house. The same dead zones none other extenders could bring the signal to.



The shipping is extremely quick, I have gotten my device in less than 4 days.


The speed of the internet is up to 300Mbps, which is more than enough no matter what you’re doing.


Yes, even if you’re gaming.


This handy device singlehandedly takes the complication away from setting up a decent network.

What I Didn’t Like About The Product

I’m all about honesty.


No matter how good I find a product is, I will always talk about the downside as well, just because every product has one.


Even the best ones.


What I noticed while I was reading reviews was that a few people have complained about having slower internet speed with this booster.


They were looking for explanations.


I also read a resolved case about that.


It seems that it was not the booster’s problem after all. What the booster essentially does, is it splits the signal in two, meaning that it won’t be faster or as fast as your router. That’s impossible.


What a good booster does, it re-broadcasts the signal almost as good as the router, that’s what Super Boost Wi-Fi does.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can my speed get with Super Boost Wi-Fi?


It can get up to 300Mpbs, the less interference and obstructions between the booster and the Wi-Fi– the higher speed you’ll get.


What kind of connection does the Super Boost Wi-Fi use?


The Super Boost Wi-Fi is designed to use WPS for a quick connection in any home or office.

Where should I place the Super Boost Wi-Fi?


To get the most out of the booster, you need the optimal placement. Meaning you should put it near the area where your Wi-Fi signal disappears.


For example, if your bedroom is in a dead zone, you should put the booster between your bedroom and the router. That way it can re-broadcast the signal to your room.


What causes interference with my signal?


Everything can cause interference, even humans.



The worst Wi-Fi blockers are the concrete walls and thick doors. Next comes your furniture, your sofas, tables, and chairs are definitely disturbing the signal.


Remember to place the booster in a place which is far from windows, sofas, big home appliances, and wireless devices such as speakers and cameras.

The Final Verdict - Rating: 96/100

I have done many Wi-Fi extender reviews and I have loved many extenders.


I found myself loving the Trifiboost and recommending it over here and over there (check it out, it’s amazing) but I never expected that I would find a device I loved as much as the Trifiboost.


But Super Boost Wi-Fi really took me by surprise. I recommended it to all my family and friends.


I got a little bit too excited and I even went to speak to the manufacturer, told him about what I do, and how much I loved the extender.


Looking after my readers, I did what I do best, I tried to arrange a discount for you.
He said he can’t just give me a discount and that I was just a random guy to him at the time.


I just told him to see my work.


He called me about a week later and asked me if a 60% discount is okay.


We did it, guys!


You won’t find a better alternative online.

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