The 6 Must-Have Gadgets For Online Gaming

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The 6 Must-Have Gadgets For Online Gaming

Online gaming popularity has risen tremendously over the last decade. There are amazing games that are coming out literally every day.


The gaming community has never had such an opportunity and ease to connect with people from all over the world.


There are MMORPGs, Moba, Battle Royale and so many more different games in terms of objectives.


But if you want to take gaming more seriously and if you’d like to win more, you’ll need some edge.


You’ll need some tools to give you that edge.


So here are the six gadgets for your must-have list.

1. Gaming Mouse

online gaming,online game,game gadgets,online games,online gaming gadgets


Gaming mouse. This is the bread and butter for being a great online gamer.


Sure, your standard mouse can allow you to play games, but it won’t ever give you the edge over a player who has invested more in a more sophisticated mouse.


You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a $10 mouse and a $100 gaming mouse?


And you’re right to wonder.


The main difference between a gaming mouse and an office mouse is the sensitivity level and the number of extra buttons they have.


Gaming mice have much higher DPI(dots per inch), meaning they offer much greater sensitivity, allowing your mouse’s actions to be timely with your reactions.


For example, a regular mouse has about 1000 DPI, whereas a low-tier gaming mouse has 3200 DPI.


Let’s take a look at the buttons – most of the gaming mice have extra buttons on the left and nearby the mouse wheel, allowing gamers to utilize them in their favor by binding gaming actions to them.


Gaming mice also have an improved ergonomic design.


That might not sound like a big deal, but if you’re gaming with an uncomfortable mouse for more than 6 hours, your hands might start feeling numb and tingly. – This is not a thing you would want when you’re taking gaming seriously.


So, if you’re really into gaming and you still haven’t upgraded to a gaming mouse, it’s about time to think about making a move.

2. Mechanical Keyboard

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Serious gamers always prefer to use mechanical keyboards.


How are they different than the standard ones?


Unlike regular keyboards, the mechanical ones have sensors for each and every key, meaning you can push many keys together and the keyboard will still succeed in registering those actions, whereas a standard keyboard will struggle.


Mechanical keyboards will also last much longer than standard ones, making them a great investment.


Most gaming keyboards have additional buttons that are designed to improve your gaming experience – such are music controls and many more additional programmable buttons.


The backlit keys are also quite the eye candy.


Serious gamers always prefer a mechanical keyboard, because it gives them an edge over their competitors.

3. Wi-Fi Booster

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No matter how good you are, if you’re having a poor network signal – you’ll be having trouble. Unlike your regular console and single-player PC games, online games rely solely on your Internet connection.


Lag spikes and speed loss can destroy your whole performance.


A Wi-Fi booster might really bring you an edge, especially if you’re gaming on a laptop and you’re gaming in a room where a router isn’t present.


If there are objects between you and the router, like walls, wardrobes, doors and household appliances, you should consider getting a booster in order to strengthen your signal!

4. Headset

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How would a headset improve my gaming?


The right gaming headset will allow you to dive into the world of the game you’re playing. It will also allow you to hear better and focus on the game more by blocking the outside noise.


If you’re looking to buy a gaming headset, make sure that it’s a reliable one. Look for:


1. Background noise-blocking technology
2. High audio quality
3. High microphone quality


A microphone is incredibly important, especially if you’re playing co-op. Your teammates need to hear you loud and clear.

5. Gaming Chair

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A gaming chair might not directly impact your performance, but it sure will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.


However, if you’re spending hours and hours of gaming, a decent gaming chair could be an absolute game-changer.


You might get back pains, shoulder pains, and neck pains.


When you’re tense it’s hard to focus on the game.


That’s why one of the primary differences between a gaming chair and an office chair is that the gaming one has a higher back. It provides support for the neck and shoulders as well.


Gaming chairs are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust pretty much everything on it. Like the back, the lumbar support, the headrest, the armrests, and the tilt.


It’s easy to find the right chair for you.

6. Gaming Router

online gaming,online game,game gadgets,online games,online gaming gadgets


Earlier on, I spoke about getting yourself a Wi-Fi booster.


However, you can take the results of the booster even further by investing in a good gaming router.


Yes, gaming routers DO exist.


The main difference between the gaming router and the standard one is the QoS(Quality Of Service) features. Basically, QOS focuses on sending the data exactly where it needs to go.


A regular router does not prioritize where your incoming traffic goes.


With regular routers, everything has equal priority when it comes to your internet connection. That means your games won’t get the focus they need to run optimally.

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