TV Buddy Review: Easy Cast Screen

TV Buddy Review: Easy Cast Screen

You don’t own a TV Buddy? Here’s what you have missed out

The reviews TV Buddy has been getting are quite mixed. There are bad ones and there are incredible ones.


Today we’re going to review some key points so you can decide if this is the device for you.


Since I first got my hands on the TV Buddy, I was able to improve the card nights at my place. All my friends were shocked by the quick and reliable screencasting.


Many people don’t even understand what screencasting really is – they expect to get infinite free channels.


Hate to break it for you, but there are no free channels with a casting device.


But there is something better.


You can access media from your phone, which means you have everything at your disposal – Youtube videos, Spotify, Netflix and so much more!

What does the TV Buddy Caster do?

The TV Buddy really is your TV Buddy.


It allows you to cast media from your phone directly to the big screen.


If you ask me, you don’t need much more sophistication in terms of technology. This device is small, it’s compact, it’s easy to use and does a brilliant job at what it’s supposed to do.


There are no special streaming services made for this device. You can use everything you’ve got, from HBO Go to Hulu and Netflix.


Before I got my first TV Buddy, I was reading some reviews.


I’ve noticed that most of the people simply use it to binge shows – mostly entertainment.


But when I got it, I noticed that I could use this device for so many things, it was mind-blowing at first!


So I toyed around with it and I found that it’s applicable for:


– Sharing Media
– Listening To Musing
– Viewing Social Media
– Home Entertainment
– Showing Slideshows

– Work Presentations
– Weddings
– Tutorials


And so much more, the sky is the limit! You just need imagination!

Making the most of your TV Buddy

I saw a few recommendations on the TV buddy website. Most of them were concerning the performance of the device.


The most important piece of the puzzle was the internet connection – if your internet connection is slow – your TV Buddy will have trouble.


You could get yourself a Wi-Fi booster in order to improve that.


Make sure you check your internet speed by performing a standard speed test at home. Also, you make sure your router is set up properly so that you won’t have speed loss and interruption issues.


Good internet connection equals good TV Buddy performance.

Compact, Sleek Design
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One of the most important things about TV Buddy is its size. It’s so small that you can fit it in your wallet.


How about that?


You can bring it virtually anywhere you want.


I usually bring it with me when I’m going to my uncle’s house, he really doesn’t know a thing about Smart TVs, so when I bring my little TV Buddy and I start screencasting on his TV, he is all shook.


I always carry my TV Buddy to work. It is really helpful for our meetings. I no longer have to bring my laptop with me, I simply upload the presentation to my phone and then I share it through our office TV.

Easy To Set Up
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I know close to nothing about technology. When I found out about the TV Buddy I was impressed and eager to check it out, but I had my worries that I won’t be able to set it up.


So I went and started reading reviews.


I was pleasantly impressed when I realized that none of the people who were writing those reviews had any previous experience with such a device.


And they all succeeded at using it and enjoying its functionality.


So, here’s how easy it is to set up:


1. Attach the TV Buddy to the HDMI socket of your TV
2. Connect the device to the USB power cable (it’s included in the package)

3. Change input to HDMI 2
4. Pair the device with Wi-Fi


When you set it up, you can try a few different streaming services.


I always use my phone and I often stream Netflix. You can also try it with Youtube.


But first, make sure your internet connection is on point because it might not start running if the connection is poor.


Give it some time to adjust.

TV Buddy Cost

When you start comparing the TV Buddy to other screencasting devices, you’ll be amazed that not only is the TV Buddy more affordable and more functional, but it’s also much more compact, stylish and easy-to-use.


When I was making my first order, I had to wait a month, just because they were all sold out.


But when they finally got back, they came with a blast. I was able to get THREE of them for $112.39. This was an incredible deal!


I gave one to my son to use and I kept the other two for me.


They’ve been working like a charm!


If you’re looking to get one yourself, you should check the site. Unfortunately, it’s only available online, so if you’re a person who wants to try something before he buys it, he won’t be able to do it with TV Buddy.


However, they offer a great return policy without any hassle!

  • Screen Sharing From Your Device
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Endless Streaming Possibilities
  • Needs Adequate Wi-Fi Connection
The Final Verdict - Rating: 85/100

TV Buddy is a great device for home entertainment.


It is amazing for work presentations, business slideshows, streaming music and so much more! The best part about it is the fact that you can carry it in your pocket the whole time!


It’s so compact!


Make sure you have a nice internet connection, pick a movie and gather your friends around the TV for some unforgettable TV Buddy experience!

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