TVSurf Review: A Revolutionary Way to Stream

TVSurf Review: A Revolutionary Way to Stream

The Device That Leaves All The Cables Unemployed

If you’re getting bored easily and the TV has nothing to offer as usual, or maybe your service package doesn’t include the interesting channels that would get your attention, you should know that there is an easy solution for all of this.


A device that would be able to hold all your favorite streaming services, wherever you go.


The new TVSurf is the most revolutionary way to get your favorite shows, movies, music, and videogame broadcasting on the big screen for you and your family to enjoy.


This device is the ultimate cable-bill destroyer. – Say goodbye to paying unnecessarily big cable bills.

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Does it really live up to its hype?

As I said, the TVSurf can hold everything you love to watch. That’s your favorite show, your favorite movie, funny clips, and even video games.


Plus, you never have to worry about passwords and logging in and out every time you want to enjoy some media.


Imagine Having Your TV In Your Pocket


Okay, that might be a little hard to imagine, but stick with me.


While I was still living in my university campus, there was really nothing to do – I had my TV, with close to no channels, I had no laptop or a computer and I was forced to pay extra every month just so I could have a dozen more channels, which weren’t too appealing either but I didn’t want to stick any longer with the 4 channels I had.


If TVSurf existed back then, I would have probably done everything just to get my hands on it.

It’s Extremely Easy To Use

When someone mentions streaming services, installations, and tech, I’ll admit, I get a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know too much about technologies, I know how to turn on my laptop, watch my shows, and join meetings when they’re hosted online.


But with the TVSurf, I never needed to know a thing more. It’s so easy to use, it even comes with the parts you need for it to be used.


Meaning you won’t have to search for extra cables, costing you extra money.


Where’s The Catch?

All of this might sound too good to be true, right?




However, this extremely revolutionary device has its own requirements. – it requires a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Because without it – it can ruin the quality of your stream, resulting in bad images, buffering, low quality, and so on.


While I was reading TVSurf stick reviews, I kept seeing people who are having issues with the connection because most of them had poor Wi-Fi network.


However, what the community has come up as a way to fight it was also revolutionary.


They used Wi-Fi boosters for that. (Check the Trifiboost)

The Device That Leaves All The Cables Unemployed
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • HDMI Output
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Bluetooth
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customizable Deco Plate
  • Smooth Buffer Playback
  • Micro SD Card Memory (Removable)
TVSurf Review,tvsurf reviews,tv stream online,online stream,tv stream 4k
Why would you need the TVSurf streaming device?
TVSurf Review,tvsurf reviews,tv stream online,online stream,tv stream 4k

Most of the people in the world are paying for cable. I, myself, used to be one of them for a long time too.


But I got bored.


I got tired of having the same channels, the same boring shows, the same boring advertisements, and people.


I needed variety.


But If I had decided to pay for some of those “mildly interesting” channels, I had to increase my monthly cable bill to more than $100. I even considered getting myself a screencasting device, so that I could play all my media directly from my phone.


I wanted to cut the cord for good. I wanted something revolutionary.
That’s why I got myself the TVSurf stick. Since I got it, I’ve never looked back.


It honestly is the ultimate entertainment device. I get to watch all my favorite shows and movies with it.


I am saving money every month since I got myself the TVSurf stick.

Is TVSurf really worth it?

Yes, absolutely.


Since I’ve gotten my TVSurf stick, I have never looked back to the old and painful “Oh, the remote is so far away, I’m so comfortable now, I guess I’ll keep watching this boring channel until I manage to beat my laziness to go and grab it.”


This device has really changed my life in terms of TV enjoyment.

The Pros

I can’t stress this enough – the cost and the convenience alone are making this an incredibly valuable device that made me a satisfied customer.


It’s small, it’s portable and it has a million ways to turn a boring night in into a lively experience with laughter, interest, and fun.


It really is a futuristic approach to having fun.

The Cons

There’s not much I can say about the cons.

Except for the fact that the device definitely needs a strong internet connection. But that is extremely easy to go around.


The other thing is that, if you’re like me and you’re usually not so comfortable buying stuff online without having them tested, you might not want to risk it.


But their easy-return policy and extremely friendly customer service really broke down this “discomfort” of mine.

The Final Verdict

Without being biased, I could gladly say that this device is just great for the price it holds. It simply is a steal.


I love the comfort, I love the variety of stream options it allows me to have, I loved the quick delivery and their customer service.


If you’re like me and you want to cut the cord and never look back – TVSurf stick is the way to go.

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