Victony Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

Victony Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

Most of the Wi-Fi extenders can be extremely lacking. A lot of them don’t offer dual-band mode which really limits you in terms of performance.


That’s one of the reasons I was so impressed by the specs and features of the Victony Wi-Fi Extender.


It offers dual-band mode, high-end encryption, high-performance capabilities. It really picked my interest.


Although I don’t think this is the best extender (Trifiboost still has the cake), it really does offer amazing features that people can truly appreciate.

Victony WiFi Extender Features and Specs

– 4 Antennas
– Dual-band modes (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
– Encryption
– Compatible with most routers
– Smart LED signal indicator

My Victony Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

Victony says that its extender enables you to reach up to 1200Mbps thanks to its dual-band mode.


How is this even possible?


Simple – through its 802.11 AC technology.


It has 4 external antennas that increase the range of the signal and also strengthen the connection.


An impressive feature about this extender is the fact that it offers you high-level encryption that helps you protect your Wi-Fi from outsiders.


Nobody likes their bandwidth being stolen, right?


The extender has a one-key WPS encryption, but it also offers browser-based configuration. Through the WPA2 and WPA encryption, you can optimize your WLAN security.


So far, we know that Victony is great in terms of encryption and signal strength.


There are a few more features that I loved. I think you’re going to love them as well.


Victony has a smart LED signal indicator, which helps you find the best location for the extender. It also has LAN and WLAN ports for your convenience, allowing you to connect wired devices.



The extender has quite a few buttons on itself. Most of them are self-explanatory, like the on/off button and the reset button. There is one for WPS as well.

Victony’s extender can be teamed up with most routers, even such that aren’t dual-band.


The setup is fairly straightforward. It’s not as simple as others, but you can’t really expect all Wi-Fi boosters to be easy to setup.


Let’s have a walkthrough:


– Plug the device in an electric outlet
– Set the mode to the middle position (extender)
– Turn the device on
– Use any wireless device (laptop or a smartphone are preferred) and open your web browser
– Enter the website that’s listed on your instruction sheet directly in your address bar
– Log in using “admin” as a username and “admin” as a password
– Click on the setup wizard icon
– Enter the name of your Wi-Fi’s network and it’s password
– Finish the setup wizard
– Enjoy using Victony’s Extender


The whole process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, even if you are using multiple devices.

What We Liked About Victony’s Extender
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You can’t not like this device.


It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to use and it offers a dual-band mode.


It also has 4 antennas that you can move around to get the strongest of signals.


The small LED indicator enables you to always have the best position for the Extender, meaning you will always have the best Wi-Fi signal. You simply need to try out a few outlets until you get the best signal.


It really saves a lot of time and frustration.


You can configure it all through your browser! How convenient is that? You can also encrypt your signal, as an extra security measure.


But, the best feature, in my opinion, is the dual-band mode. I’ve said this numerous times before in my articles, but the 2.4GHz band is incredibly populated. Everybody is on the 2.4GHz, probably even your neighbors.


That’s why when you use the 5GHz band, you’ll enjoy a much faster and reliable internet connection. No
interference whatsoever!

What Could Be Improved In The Device

While there is so much to love about the extender, there are a few things that could enjoy a bit of



One of the things is that the device isn’t really plug-and-play. The setup might be simple, but it could definitely be a challenge for people who aren’t tech-savvy.


Other plug-and-play devices could really have the competitive edge over the Victony Extender.


Another thing that really concerns me about this repeater is the fact that it gets extremely hot when you’re using great chunks of bandwidth (streaming videos or games). Many people are concerned that it might actually catch fire! (It won’t – or it shouldn’t at least).

The Final Verdict - Rating: 90/100

The extender is great, it extends the Wi-Fi signal and it strengthens the connection, but it’s far from perfect.


The installation process might be really tricky for some people.


I, myself, don’t like the fact that it gets extremely hot. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it could be really concerning for some people who have kids or pets.


At the end of the day, I would still place the Victony up with the best extenders out there.


However, the best one so far is still the Trifiboost.


It simply offers too much to ignore.

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