Wi-Fi Extenders, Repeaters and Boosters? What’s the Difference?

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Wi-Fi Extenders, Repeaters and Boosters? What’s the Difference?

Do you need a booster?


What about a repeater?


Perhaps, an extender?


If you’re having Wi-Fi issues and you’re looking for a solution online, it can get confusing. Very confusing. Especially when it comes down to choosing a support device for your router, like the ones above.

What Do These Devices Do

wifi extenders,wifi boosters,wifi repeaters,wifi booster,wifi extender


All those devices are made for increasing and upgrading your Wi-Fi coverage.


The average router would allow your signal to spread for 150 feet, but with one of the three devices above, you can quickly expand that range to 300 or 350 feet.


This, however, is if the ideal location is present and there’s minimal obstruction.


Let’s talk about dead zones, so you can decide if you have one too.


A dead zone is a place in or around your home where your Wi-Fi simply doesn’t work. That could be the bathroom, the patio, your attic, the bedroom and so on.


All those zones, a single support device can often fix.


Also, you need to know that there is no clear-cut definition about those devices, some people refer to boosters as extenders, to extenders as repeaters and so on.


But today, we’re going to talk about definitions.

Wi-Fi Repeater and Extender By Definition


Those two devices are designed to extend your signal by re-broadcasting it. To understand it better, I’ve prepared you a decent analogy.


Let’s use a laser analogy.


Imagine you’re using a laser, its light goes far but at some point, it starts disappearing. What these devices do, is they take the light and they repeat it once more, ideally doubling the range.


Now, the beam is less powerful than what it is at the beginning of the light, but you can see it at 400 feet now.


They are called extenders and repeaters because they extend the signal by repeating it.


These devices are going to connect directly to your router’s signal and create their own network that you can access from your phone, laptop, etc.


The main issue here is that your signal is split into two. Or three.


With repeaters and extenders from the past, the split signal used to be the ultimate turn-off, but now, the newer devices are able to maintain a much stronger signal, even when split.


A stronger signal means you’ll be able to maintain a speedy internet all over your home.

Wi-Fi Booster By Definition


Initially, the Wi-Fi boosters were supposed to make the weak signals stronger.


In a way, you could still have the same signal range, but the Wi-Fi connection would be better.


That’s how, with a stronger signal, you could connect more devices to the Wi-Fi and barely notice any difference in the bandwidth.


However, boosters now work like extenders and repeaters.


Nowadays, all the routers have a strong signal, they just need range extensions.

Do You Need A Wi-Fi Extender?

wifi extenders,wifi boosters,wifi repeaters,wifi booster,wifi extender


You may be hearing all that pep talk about getting an extender, but do you really need one?


The answer lies in your router set up. Many people have not optimized their home setup and they’re having a bad internet connection, forcing them to get a booster.


There are few methods to make sure you’re getting the internet you’re paying for spread around your whole house without spending a dime.


Here are the methods:


1. Location. Make sure your router is placed in an optimal location where all the rooms are in an approximately equal distance from the router. If your router is placed in the far-right room, where your business desk is, it’s likely that the far-left room will have a weaker signal, resulting in speed losses.


2. Update your router. Routers, like some other types of hardware, need updates every now and then. These updates are going to make sure your router is performance-optimized, allowing you to enjoy better speed and high reliability.


If you have done the steps above and your signal is still weak or you have dead zones around your place, then a booster or an extender would work wonders for you.


These devices will guarantee that you can connect to a better Wi-Fi signal in the dead spots.


If you’re having problems with the connection from the start, you should call the supplier and get a technician to make sure the internet connection issues aren’t their fault to begin with.

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