Which is Better: Wi-Fi Range Extender Or Mesh Network

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Which is Better: Wi-Fi Range Extender Or Mesh Network

Range extender or mesh network? – That is the question.


Okay, I won’t use Hamlet references.


But seriously.


Unless you’re more of a tech guy or you have had previous experience with those two, you might mistakenly think that they’re the same thing. In a way, you’ll be right. They both work to extend the range and the power of your internet.


Although we recommend boosters such as the Trifiboost, we’re going to see how different a mesh network can be.


What is a Wi-Fi Range Extender?


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What a Wi-Fi Range Extender does is it re-broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal, increasing the distance from which you can get your connection straight.


Think of your signal range being 200 feet. If you choose to install an extender 150 feet in the same range, you could duplicate the signal for another 200 feet.


So from 200 feet signal range, you get it to 350-400 feet with a single extender.


The extender is communicating directly with your router. When they’re connected, the extender will usually appear in the Wi-Fi networks, so you will be able to see it from your phone, laptop, etc.


In most cases, the speed of the extended connection is going to be a bit slower. The Range Extenders are usually the cheaper way to make your signal’s range go further than before.


However, they do have their downsides when it comes to efficiency. Because they simply RE-BROADCAST the information packets.


But don’t get me wrong, extenders still get the job done. More cheaply and sturdily.


Old extenders, however, don’t get the job done as good as the new ones. In fact, old ones could make your broadcast even worse in exchange for a few dozen feet range.


Which is normally not worth by any means.

What is a Wi-Fi Mesh Network?

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The way a Wi-Fi Mesh Network works is quite more complicated than what a range extender does. And more expensive as well.


A mesh network can cost you $300 or even more, depending on the way you plan it out, which is extremely expensive for a casual internet user.


Such setups can even be used in tandem with your router.


Replace the extension and the router setup. That’s what the Wi-Fi Mesh Network is designed to do.


Simply put, you’re going to have several devices spread around your home, making sure you’re having a strong signal that is accessible all over the place. Note, you won’t be having different Wi-Fi networks, you connect to only one username and password and it sticks with it, you won’t have to re-connect
when you’re going from one room to another.


The complexity of this design comes with all the networks having the same software.


The software is able to determine where the broadcast signal is located and it will act accordingly.


For example, it’s not going to broadcast to a room where nobody is using the bandwidth.


By a rule of thumb, if you’re willing to pay at least $250 more, the mesh network is the way to go. It simply offers too much to miss. It gets you:


1. High-Speed Internet Connections
2. Greater Signal Range
3. Connect With Ease


It truly is the ultimate setup.

Range Extender vs Mesh Network

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Here we’re going to see the pros and cons of each, see how they weigh against each other.


Let’s start with what makes the Range Extender good:


1. The extender is definitely the way to go if you’re concerned about the price, as it’s the more inexpensive way to go at it.
2. It can also work amazingly well for you if you don’t have a huge house or an apartment.
3. You can use the extender with your existing router, meaning you don’t have to make extra changes to your setup.However, a range extender can prove to be quite tough to configure.


Now, let’s talk about makes the Mesh Network good:


1. It offers a simple way to set up your internet connections.
2. It has a central management system software, that allows you to use the internet at the same speed all over your house.
3. The chance of internet loss and degradations are extremely low, compared to its peer – the range extender.
However, having multiple devices involved in the delivery of one single purpose, the chances of a failure in a certain department are much higher.


Which one wins?


By a rule of thumb, the mesh network would win by a landslide.


However, when the price difference is so huge in favor of the range extender, it becomes a numbers’ game.


If you are willing to pay #300 or more and you have an overly large house in which you want an equally good internet in each room, your choice should be a mesh network.


If your house isn’t huge and you aren’t much concerned by dropping a few MBs of speed when you’re in your room while saving $250 or more, then the range extender is the perfect choice for you.


Normally, the range extender will suffice for most users.

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